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alimentatori switching

P.O.E. AC/DC ADAPTERS The PoE series was designed for devies with POWER OVER INTERNET functions, which allows to supply power through the RJ45 cable to peripherals and devices connected to PoE ports, such as IP cameras, VoIP telephones, access points, wi-fi hot spots and many more. The main strong point of this kind of solution lies in the extreme practical simplification it allows, since the only cable needed is a LAN Network cable and no electric socket is needed for local connection of the power supply. This is extremely useful when the specific installation spot is in a tight spot, far away from electric sockets. The LAN cable will supply the PoE device both the power and the data needed for functioning, resulting in a significant reduction in costs and speed of installation, without the need for a nearby electric socket. These adapters are shielded from shortcircuits and power overloads.

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