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Switching power supply units typically have a more complex circuitry, which allows them to have higher performances, lower power dispersion as heat, and smaller size and weight with equal power. Switching power supply models thus offer a longer lifetime and better functionality.

The market requires ever-increasing miniaturization and portability for all kinds of devices, which has made battery power supply the standard in electronics; and of course, this makes battery chargers an essential accessory. We have all standard models for basic needs, and can of course design and manufacture battery chargers for any specific need and project.EVERPOWER

LiFeO4 BATTERIES, LITHIUM BATTERY PACKS and NiMh NiCd BATTERIES. Discover our many products in the catalog.

LED lights, LED bars, LED strips: new illumination devices which are finding more and more popularity due to excellent performance and very interesting power consumption levels, and which require a constant current power supply and thus specifically built power supply units. Our LED power supply units are available for all required power levels, and can be custom-made for specific requirements; all of them can include a dimmer, so as to allow for light level control.

P.O.E. AC/DC ADAPTERS The PoE series was designed for devies with POWER OVER INTERNET functions, which allows to supply power through the RJ45 cable to peripherals and devices connected to PoE ports, such as IP cameras, VoIP telephones, access points, wi-fi hot spots and many more. The main strong point of this kind of solution lies in the extreme practical simplification it allows, since the only cable needed is a LAN Network cable and no electric socket is needed for local connection of the power supply. This is extremely useful when the specific installation spot is in a tight spot, far away from electric sockets. The LAN cable will supply the PoE device both the power and the data needed for functioning, resulting in a significant reduction in costs and speed of installation, without the need for a nearby electric socket. These adapters are shielded from shortcircuits and power overloads.

The electronics industry is a complex world, where needs are constantly changing and evolving and the requirement for ever-increasing performances is now constantly merged with a need for extreme miniaturization. It is very rare that a standard product can satisfy both needs satisfactorily. For this reason, and with the care and competence coming from fifty years on the market with a strict artisan approach, we design and develop completely custom power supply units and battery chargers, optimized and calibrated for the specific needs of any device our customers need to manufacture. Of course, such custom models undergo the same rigid series of quality controls as all our other products, and are developed using the same modern technologies, so as to give you the perfect product – by all means.

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